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David Simonini is the Director of Creative Consulting of Simonini Group, a premier local builder as well as developer company. At Simonini Group, David and his crew of builders specialize in award-winning, state of the art, trending forward commercial luxury homes. 

Who is David Simonini?

Embarking on his professional career as early as age 13, David Simonini has been in the building as well as construction business his entire life. He graduated in 1982 with a degree in marketing from the University of South Carolina. After that, he decided to join the family business in 1994. The rest according to David, is history. In 1998, just years after joining the family business, he earned himself the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This prestigious award is given out by the Chamber of Commerce in Charlotte. It was one of David’s proudest accomplishments and he knew he could achieve more if he worked even harder. 

David Simonini Custom Homes rebranded to Simonini Group merely a few years ago. The building and construction company won numerous local as well as national award over the years. In fact, Professional Builder Magazine awarded Simonini Group the Best Neighborhood Custom Home Magazine. Contractors and Designers gave them the Elite Who’s Who Award. 

In his spare time, David Simonini enjoys traveling with his wife. They have explored many hidden regions of the world and plan on discovering more in the future. In addition, he enjoys watching sports. As a matter of fact, David Simonini takes his wife to a lot of basketball games. He also used to partake in playing tennis. In fact, he played the sport occasionally throughout his professional career until an injury to the knee.

Personal Website

On this personal website, David Simonini wishes to humbly showcase his proudest achievements. As a successful developer and luxury home designer, he wishes to inspire others to follow his footsteps. At the turn of the century, he went on to introduce New Urbanism to Charlotte by collaborating with visionary Miami-based architect and urban planner, 
Andrés Duany. With the help of this website, he hopes to reach out to more experts and passionate individuals in the home building industry.