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5 Ways of Spotting an Expert Home Builder

Virtually all home builders in Charlotte, NC promise to turn dreams into reality. However, for home buyers not every experience is a success story. Some are cautionary tales that are regrettable instead of rewarding. To avoid bitter and costly disappointment, home design pioneer David Simonini, an advisor and consultant to The Simonini Group, shares five insights on how buyers can spot an expert home builder in Charlotte, NC.

Neighborhood Fit

An expert home builder goes above and beyond to ensure that the homes they build integrate seamlessly with the surrounding neighborhood. Simply put, they look as though they belong right where they are vs. were parachuted in from somewhere else.   

Complete Design Studio

An expert home builder provides buyers with a design studio where they can learn about their options, and pick and choose the ones that align with their preferences and needs. Says David Simonini: “It is certainly not enough for home builders to merely highlight options on a website or in a brochure. Buyers should be able to explore and learn about options at their convenience, and in a relaxed setting where they can make smart and satisfying decisions.”

Design + Sales

An expert home builder does not hand buyers off to sales representatives who work for a different company. Instead, they enable buyers to get their plans drawn and priced (based on the interior design options they choose), and then directly connect with salespeople in the model who sell to that neighborhood.  

Local Pride

An expert home builder knows houses that look great in California, Texas or Florida may not — and often do not — fit with Charlotte’s unique and rich design style and history. Says David Simonini: “Builders who take pride in Charlotte are not just making buyers happy by building outstanding homes, but they are developing the community and enhancing the area’s regional, national, and indeed international profile.”

Obsession with Quality

The internet is flooded with tales of woe, in which distraught buyers document the shocking ways in which home builders cut corners on quality and workmanship, and who failed to finish the work on time and in budget. To avoid being victimized, David Simonini urges buyers to be absolutely vigilant when it comes to choosing a home builder that is obsessed with quality. Buyers should look for a track record of proven and established success in the area, and they should also ask about industry awards and other recognition that speaks to their commitment to quality.

David Simonini on Trusting Industry Professionals

Says David: “I am delighted to be part of a company that checks all five of these critical boxes. Our goal at The Simonini Group is to turn dreams into reality. That takes world-class expertise, and we are proud to offer that to buyers in Charlotte who expect and demand the very best!”

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