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Four Steps to Your Custom Home Design

Building your dream home can be both exciting and fulfilling with the right team of people on your side. The finished product is reliant on having qualified professionals who can bring your dream design to life, with every detail well planned and executed. There are many factors to consider in the process as well as many questions to go over with your home builder before the process begins. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, David Simonini is an advisor and consultant for the Simonini Group, and he suggests covering these four topics when considering your custom home design.


Where do you envision your family living? Are you staying in the same area as you currently reside, or is it time to relocate to a new city or state? Many individuals prefer to be close to modern amenities and have quick access to their place of work. On the other hand, some individuals opt for remote locations just outside of the city.

Size and Property

Size will be a significant factor in the affordability of your project and may potentially affect zoning permits that you may need to obtain if you’re intending to purchase land for a specific use. David states that new home planning begins with a conceptual design phase where individuals determine their preferred style and vision.  

Timeline according to David Simonini

Building a dream home takes time to be executed properly. It is important to discuss what the realistic expectation is for your custom design project, and account for any possible setbacks to occur. This will help you plan your lifestyle while your custom home gets built, and to make other living arrangements if necessary.

Design Consultation

There are endless design possibilities and a qualified professional can help you navigate your options. It is imperative that prospective homeowners determine a timeframe and budget before construction ensues. It is equally as important to know what you are attracted to as well as what you are not, so that your team can get an idea of how to bring your vision to life. By the time your project is finished, you want to be in love with every inch of your home and property, so this step is an important one to spend an adequate amount of time on.

David Simonini consults and networks with many of the top designers and other leaders in his industry on all four of these topics plus many of the other focuses required during the custom home design process.

David Simonini has completed countless custom home design projects for many satisfied customers, helping from idea conception to project completion, and overseeing every step of the way. Raised in a family of builders, David understands what is required to build eloquent and innovative homes and is well established in the state of North Carolina with many ongoing projects as well as exciting futures ones to come.

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