About David

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, David Simonini is the current Director of Creative Consulting for Simonini Group. He and the Simonini Group specialize in building unique as well as specialty luxury townhouse projects. 

Early Life

David began building decks at the young age of 13. At the time, he demonstrated tremendous interest in the building as well as construction business that his family ran. In his academia, he graduated with a degree in marketing in 1982 from the University of South Carolina. Afterwards, he wanted to get some more hands-on experience and decided to join the family business in 1983. Roughly a decade later, with the experience and knowledge he accumulated, he felt he was ready to branch out. He wanted to make something for himself and decided to go solo in 1994. The rest, according to David Simonini, was history. 

Professional Success

After just 4 years of branching out and running his own business ventures, David won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In particular, this is a prestigious award granted by the Chamber of Commerce in Charlotte. In addition, he has since galvanized the industry with his leading-edge and innovative designs. On top of that, his dynamic new concepts consistently surpassed everyone’s expectations over the last 35 years. He dedicated his entire life to improving and perfecting his designs. In fact, he has designed and built over 500 town-homes and 1,000 custom homes in greater Charlotte. These projects include more than 100 of the finest luxury homes in Charlotte’s most prestigious communities. 

In recent years, after new branding as Simonini Group, David challenged his own artistic skills by adding single family luxury home neighborhoods to his business empire. He also decided to add new construction in empty nester townhouses and condos. As the Director of Creative Consulting in the Simonini Group, his expertise shines best when he advises and shares ideas with others leader in land development and design. 

David Simonini – Professional Skills

  • Residential Homes
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Design Research
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Housing Development
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Creative Design
  • Investment Properties
  • Marketing
  • Business Management