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David Simonini and the Simonini Group are two entities that specialize in the design, development, and building of luxury homes. More specifically, they specialize in award-winning and trend-forward commercial as well as residential development projects. 

As an adviser and consultant to the Simonini Group, David has appeared in the media a multitude of times

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Exclusive Interviews

As an expert in residential development projects and the building of luxury homes and luxury townhouses, David Simonini made two interview appearances recently. In particular, he appeared on both Inspirery and Ideamensch. On these two digital interview platforms, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and business owners get a chance to discuss their upbringing. In addition to that, the interviewees also revisit some of the academic decisions they’ve made and talk briefly about the education they received. For David, he touched on how he entered the town home building business as early as 13. He spoke about where he draws his inspirations from and what makes him successful as a builder. Last but not least, he gives some advice to young entrepreneurs as well as a few books for interested individuals to read.

Feature Articles

Aside from the interviews that he appeared in, Simonini Group has also appeared in a few feature articles lately. On Patch and Prague Post, he discussed luxury townhouses and luxury town homes as well as his experience building both. He also shares his opinion on interior design and the risks he took as an entrepreneur when he first began. On Home Business Mag and Techbullion, he touched on his latestproject, River’s Edge plantation real estate and Country club villas. 

Simonini Group as Seen in the Media

David Simonini | Crunchbase

David Simonini is an adviser as well as consultant to The Simonini Group. He has designed and built over 500 town homes and 1,000 custom hom…

David Simonini – Director of Creative Consulting for The Simonini Group

Don’t be afraid to listen to the opinions of others in your industry. Discussing ideas with likeminded professionals can spark more creativity in your process. The Simonini Group with principal David Simonini as Director of Creative Consulting, is well-known for quality and high-end luxury homes.

David Simonini | Inspirery

In the world of creative building, design, and development, there is one man who stands above the rest. David Simonini has galvanized the industry with his leading-edge designs, innovations and dynamic new concepts for over 35 years. Furthermore, his lifelong contributions to Building and Design industries received national attention resulting in numerous awards for beauty in design, concept and development.

Pellyn Wood expands in home size, architecture – Charlotte Business Journal

The Charlotte Business Journal features local business news about Charlotte. We also provide tools to help business’ grow, network and hire.

David Simonini on the Ins and Outs of Custom Home Construction

In Las Vegas, home buyers have many different options to satisfy their housing needs. In particular, Las Vegas is one of the most versatile regions when it comes to housing, featuring everything from apartments to custom homes to high-rise condos. Luxury homes have continued to sell well in the Las Vegas area, providing homeowners with distinctive residences that match their personal style.

David Simonini Breaks Down the Latest Developments in Interior Design | Prague Post

Recent trends in interior design have made it possible for homeowners to express themselves through window and wall coverings, furniture, and art pieces. David Simonini, a consultant and advisor to the Simonini Group, details these new trends. Furthermore, he recommends easy and inexpensive changes that any homeowner can make to enhance their home’s comfort, style, and…

David Simonini on the Ways Technology Has Changed the Style of the Modern Farmhouse-Style Townhouse | TechBullion

An American Icon When it comes to the American household, few styles of architecture have retained the popularity, charm, and classic Americana feel quite like the farmhouse. These homes were originally a necessity for those living on the rolling acres of rural land dotting the American countryside.

David Simonini’s Tips for Building a Home Like an Expert | Home Business Magazine

Building a home from scratch has many advantages over purchasing an already built house. For instance, taking this route will allow the future homeowner to fully participate in the design stages and create a new house exactly like they envisioned it. Home business owners will need a suitable home office workspace to be productive.