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History of European Architecture and its Influence on the Carolinas

Urban, suburban and rural communities can be defined in many ways by the architecture they use for infrastructure and housing. In many cases in America, the classic brickwork of blue-collar culture has been the backbone of architectural design for many years. However, in both North and South Carolina in particular, there has been more consideration for European architecture to be used in new developments. European architecture is a broad umbrella, casting styles that vastly range in geographical origins. It is one of, if not the most popular form of construction, with a visually appealing style that defines many modern structures. David Simonini, an advisor and consultant to The Simonini Group has built over 1,000 custom homes. He takes the time to outline a couple of specified forms of the influence of European architecture that are making waves in Carolinian real estate, as well as its rich history.

Colonial Grandeur

This form of architecture is typically characterized by white pillars located on the front porch that maintains a significant presence and visual command over the rest of the home. The origins of this style derive from European settlers who arrived in the 1600s and slowly began to influence architecture with their love of geometry that is prevalent in colonial style. By the 1700s Americans popularized the style and took some artistic license, making it their own. Today, these colonial homes are common in the Carolina’s and many southern states. Many development professionals like David understand just how much love is given to this style of home, as it is one that holds rich roots in American history.

French Style

Developed in the early 18th century, French architecture has brought elegance to American homes for years. This American Colonial style adopted details from France and Spain, introducing wide porches known as galleries, French double doors, and bringing housing levels up above the ground. While this style is typically utilized in upper-class homes, it is a frequently used style for modern mansions and other luxury homes. It has cemented itself as pleasantly asymmetrical while using many ornate design techniques to create a stunning presentation. With more than 35 years of industry experience, David Simonini claims that the French style remains a popular choice in luxury homes.

David Simonini on Greek revival

While the grand nature of these homes makes them less common than they once were, Greek revival style homes remain relatively popular home choices in both northern Europe and America. The primary feature is their all-encompassing columns that surround the perimeter of the home from ground to roof. It is a striking form of structural support that is emblematic of rich history and culture. These homes typically coincide well with large plots of greenland, and the Carolinas hold many examples of that. While professionals in the real estate industry like David rarely work with these homes, they can understand their value and why a buyer may seek them out.

Building Your Dream Home

The Simonini Group specializes in luxury custom homes and works diligently to provide individualized solutions. David Simonini has been the recipient of countless awards and is internationally recognized for his entrepreneurial achievements. For more information on their exclusive homes visit http://www.simoninigroup.com.

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