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Prestigious Neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina

A high-quality home is integral to establishing a comfortable indoor environment. No matter the circumstances that purvey us, one should always be fortunate enough to return home and recuperate. However, a frequently overlooked aspect of home buying is factoring in a quality neighborhood. It is imperative that potential homebuyers purchase in a community that aligns with their current values and lifestyle. David Simonini – the Director for Creative Consulting at the Simonini Group, claims that suburban Charlotte has some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in North Carolina, that are ideal for raising a family. David and his team of industry professionals specialize in high-end, luxury developments and take pride in their ability to deliver customized homes. He takes the time to outline some of the most sought-after real estate areas in the country.

Rea Court

Well underway in South Charlotte is Rea Court, David Simonini’s latest luxury development project. Construction is on track to be completed by the end of this summer (2019). This newly established neighborhood includes 10 gorgeous luxury townhomes, each with open floorplans and central courtyards. Ranging from 1,955 to 2,789 square feet, these modern homes are equipped with an array of luxurious features: high ceilings, hardwood flooring, energy-saving solutions, and attached 2 door garages. Units are available for $500-thousand and up, a modest price to pay for such an exclusive custom property.

These beautiful homes are a true reflection of the high-end development that the Simonini Group has delivered time and time again.


Foxcroft is an upscale neighborhood in Charlotte which is surrounded by an abundance of trees and beautiful landscapes. The Foxcroft Homeowners Association works diligently to safeguard the area’s tradition of upkeeping a quiet family community. Similarly, the district is committed to ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of life within the area.

The region is ideal for families looking to invest in quality educational prospects, as the area is home to some of the most highly ranked middle and secondary schools. Having built over 1000 customized residences, David has a wealth of experience in the region and states that Foxcroft is the perfect combination of suburban beauty and modern luxury.

Pellyn Wood

One of the more secluded, yet breathtaking areas in Charlotte North Carolina is Pellyn Woods. Rich in European history, the area was used primarily as farmland up until the last few decades, which explains much of the lavish landscapes. Many of the properties are tucked away on wooded lots, which allows residents a significant amount of privacy. However, despite the peaceful setting, Pellyn Wood is up to date with all of the state-of-the-art amenities with easy access to locations such as the airport and SouthPark Mall. David Simonini claims that the location is the ideal space for individuals or families looking for a quiet space.

Seven Eagles

This region has a population of just under 7000 people and is an area known for its beautiful luxury developments. Similar to Foxcroft, many of the local public schools are highly rated, meaning it is an optimal area for growing families. The region provides residents with a suburban feel and has been voted as one of the best places to live in Charlotte.

David Simonini & Trusting Industry Professionals

The Simonini Group is an award winning commercial and residential development company. David Simonini has extensive industry experience and specializes in luxury and turn key homes. Their dedication to quality architecture ensures homeowners that their home will stand the test of time.

For more information regarding The Simonini group please visit https://david-simonini.com.

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