With a profound background in construction and luxury home design, David of Simonini Group has also taken an interest in writing. As a matter of fact, he has written a few topics. Topics such as luxury townhouses, interior design, and country club villas are of great interest to him. In addition, David has also recently written about River’s Edge plantation real estate, one of his current projects. 

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Adding More to Your Home | David Simonini Blog | Charlotte, NC

David Simonini is advisor and the Director of Creative Consulting for The Simonini Group. Currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, he spends much of his time working and consulting with top designers in his industry, sharing ideas and exemplifying leadership as one of the best in the country.

Custom Home Design | David Simonini Blog | Charlotte, NC

Building your dream home can be both exciting and fulfilling with the right team of people on your side. The finished product is reliant on having qualified professionals who can bring your dream design to life, with every detail well planned and executed.

5 Ways of Spotting an Expert Home Builder – David Simonini Official Website

Virtually all home builders in Charlotte, NC promise to turn dreams into reality. However, for home buyers not every experience is a success story. Some are cautionary tales that are regrettable instead of rewarding. To avoid bitter and costly disappointment, home design pioneer David Simonini, an advisor and consultant to The Simonini Group, shares five …

Three Key Beneficiaries of Trump Opportunity Zones – David Simonini Official Website

A key piece of the sweeping $1.5 trillion tax overhaul passed by Congress in late 2017 was the creation of Opportunity Zones (a.k.a. Trump Opportunity Zones). The program’s purpose is to incentivize private investment and development in economically depressed areas. This is including some of the country’s poorest communities that have reported a poverty rate of at …

Key Elements of Stunning Modern Farmhouses – David Simonini Official Website

The idea “what’s old is new again” is being dynamically expressed through urban America’s renewed love affair with farmhouses. However, while drawing inspiration from the past, today’s custom farmhouses are built for life.

Benefits of Trump’s Opportunity Zones – David Simonini – Medium

Before the 2018 midterm elections came rolling around, President Donald Trump announced specifics about tax breaks that were aimed at enhancing investment into low income and troubled neighborhoods. These zones in which the tax break is aimed at having now been referred to as Trump’s “opportunity zones,” and are a component of a massive tax overhaul that the Republicans announced in 2017.

Prestigious Neighborhoods in Charlotte, North Carolina

A high-quality home is integral to establishing a comfortable indoor environment. No matter the circumstances that purvey us, one should always be fortunate enough to return home and recuperate. However, a frequently overlooked aspect of home buying is factoring in a quality neighborhood.